Drink Cherry Juice

“How Much Cherry Juice Should I Drink?”

That is a question a lot of our customers ask us. It seems their is a lot of confusion about how much cherry juice to drink. This leads from a number of companies simply offering a cherry juice product without fully understanding how much to drink. The reason is simple. When a company learns about a product that may be a good seller, they rush to introduce a “me-too” product in the marketplace. While new product brands and increased consumer selection is good, it could also mean diluted information to the end customer.

For example, much of the research that has been conducted on the natural health benefits of the tart cherry and cherry juice has been conducted in the Montmorency variety of the tart cherry. While their are dozens of cherry varieties available on the market, it is the Montmorency tart cherry that research has shown to offer tremendous health benefits. However, very few companies offering cherry juice even mention on the label or their website they are offering Montmorency tart cherries. It could be they aren’t aware they assume all cherries are the same. However, it is simply not the case. So the first suggestion I would like to make is when buying cherry juice, look for the Montmorency variety of the cherry being used.

Next, the Montmorency brand is mainly grown in the U.S. and other popular tart cherries like Balaton are grown in Poland or Turkey and are imported into the United States. If you’re looking at a company that doesn’t mention Montmorency on the label, give them a call ask then if they are using imported cherries in their product. If they answer yes to that question, it could be they are using Balaton cherries to make the juice.

In addition to knowing the type of cherry, you should probably know the dilution of the juice. For example, it takes the juice of approximately 100 cherries to make just one ounce of the Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate by Fruit Advantage. This one-ounce of concentrate is often the amount used by researchers when testing for the natural health benefits of this tiny red fruit. The one-ounce is the standardized amount of concentrate to be mixed with 7 ounces of water to make a 100% pure glass of tart cherry juice for consumption. Thus, the mixing ratio is a 7 to 1. Some brands recommend a 10 or 12 to one for consumer to consume. This means one ounce of concentrate to 10 or 12 ounces of water. This would dilute the final product when compared to a 7 to 1 dilution. Look for the dilution of the product to see if it is making 100% pure tart cherry juice.

Finally, look for the juice to be bottled in glass bottles. The reason is cherry juice is an acidic-product, mush like apple juice when compared to milk, for example. The glass bottles help to prevent plastic leaching. Leaching is well known to anyone in the food industry. It is when the molecules from the plastic bottle actually are pulled or leached back into the product itself. Cherry juice bottled in the glass bottles prevents any sort of plastic leaching. So of the product is imported from overseas, this means the juice has been sitting in plastic bottles, potentially for months, while being transported across the Atlantic Ocean in huge cargo ships until it reaches your local store or online warehouse to be shipped to you.

So to answer the question “How Much Cherry Juice Should I Drink?” the answer is one ounce of Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate mixed with seven ounces of water to make a 100% pure glass of tart cherry juice. The most important item to remember is to enjoy the 1 ounce of the cherry juice concentrate. In addition, the concentrate is very versatile. This means you can mix it with water, a glass of chardonnay wine or even make a cherry salad dressing with it. Adding some to a glass of chardonnay is simple. Simply pour in one ounce of the concentrate into a glass of the wine. Since the cherry juice concentrate is heavier than the wine it will sink to the bottom of the glass. Once it does, it will provide an attractive hue to the glass making for a very nice presentation and flavor combination profile.

Feel free to download a free copy of the Tart Cherry Health Report. Not only does it offer a number of great tasting recipes, it also contains some of the latest research on the natural health benefits of the tart cherry and tart cherry juice concentrate.